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US monetary policy: pragmatism as new guidance

US Monetary Policy: Pragmatism As New Guidance

Financial markets expect the US Federal Reserve (Fed) to raise its federal funds target rate on Wednesday for the fourth time this year, by 25 basis points (i.e. between 2.25% and 2.50%). Looking ahead, the FOMC will likely revise its “dots” lower for 2019, while the Fed will emphasise data dependence as relevant for its policy stance, rather than guidance by FOMC ‘dots’.

Will bad US monetary policy get worse?

By Benjamin Cole via HistorinhasIn one of the more inexplicable political dementias of our time, the modern-day Republican Party has become fixated on inflation, and peevishly infatuated with tight-money policies—when not blubbering about gold.

US tax reform and home prices:

How Monetary Policy Determines Housing Prices

Benjamin Cole | While taxes and trade get the headlines, a major issue in the US is ubiquitous restrictive property zoning, and the false signals zoning sends to the Fed. Indeed, the “housing bubble” that led to Fed over-tightening in 2007 barely surfaced in Houston, but was highly prominent in San Francisco.  Obviously, the “housing bubble” was not Fed-induced.

Various Kinds Of Monetary Policy Which The ECB Doesn’t Have

There is recurrent talk about Helicopter Money, a concept conceived by Friedman to revive the economy. This kind of monetary policy is very often referered to as special, beyond the frontiers of accounting, as if a central bank could actually get into a helicopter every day and drop bills from the sky “ex nihilo,” out of nothing. But as Cullen Roche explains, HM is not special.