Today Greek agreement does not dispel mistrust and acrimony
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EZ lending activity improvement compromised

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MADRID | The Corner | While the European inflation remained at 0.5%, credit steeply contracted in May thus neutralising the tepid improvement of the lending activity during March and April, according to Afi. The decline in private credit accelerated in small peripheral countries, but it continued the same in Spain and Italy.

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Euro area June inflation should remain at 0.5% until year-end

LONDON | By Barclays analysts | Euro area “flash” June HICP remained unchanged at 0.5% y/y, in line with our and consensus expectations. Printing 0.51% y/y at two decimal places (very close to our 0.50% y/y estimate), today’s outturn is technically only very slightly higher than last month (0.49% y/y) and March (0.47% y/y). It remains nonetheless very weak indeed.

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BIS warns over stimulus’ diminished effect over time; IMF asks for more

MADRID | The Corner | Swiss-based Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is concerned about a troubling disconnection between “markets’ buoyancy and underlying economic developments globally.” The international body representing central banks believes the risk of central banks normalizing monetary policy too late and too gradually shouldn’t be underestimated, pointing out that extremely accommodative monetary policy has a diminished effect over time. Meanwhile, the IMF has been asking to break the lethargy of the European economy with measures against low inflation for months with more stimulus.

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GfK points to maintained strength in household consumption in Q2

LONDON | By Barclays analysts | Consumer confidence increased again in June, reaching positive territory for the first time since March 2005. The GfK consumer confidence index rose to 1 from 0 in May, in line with our expectations (consensus: 2). Improvements were generally broad-based, with ‘general economic situation over the last 12 months’ improving the most, up 2 points to -3.

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Whose Job Is Youth Employment in Africa?

SAN FRANCISCO | By Atul Singh via Fair Observer | With 61% of its population under 24, Africa’s greatest challenge is finding jobs for its youth. The continent needs to provide employment to 200 million people aged between 15-24. As per the World Bank, youth account for 60% of Africa’s unemployed. The African Economic Outlook records extensively how the young fare in labor markets. Lack of demand for labor, absence of meritocracy, and lack of proper training are the top three barriers to getting a job.

This article was originally published on Fair Observer.

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Bankinter expects 3Q vertigo in sound cycle

MADRID | Bankinter Analysis | 3Q Perspectives. Economic cycle speeds up and, mostly, gains soundness and reliability. Global growth will consolidate in 2014/2015 by +3%/+4% with positive news for developed countries and less favorable surprises in emerging markets. Japan and India are the exception to this rule. Spain will also amaze and main economic risk will lie in regional regional integrity issues whose aftermath may be undervalued, regardless the final scenario.

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Spain’s tax reform, bad deal for small savers

MADRID | By Francisco López |  The need for goverment to increase income allocated to saving was among the major aims of the tax reform passed on June 20 in Spain. That’s why experts were surprised when knowing about the end of the tax exemption on the first €1,500 of dividend, which goes clearly against small savers. The government insists it is balanced out by other deductions on all brackets taxing savings.