Today EU elections may strengthen Putin in Europe (EU Observer)
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Telefonica to open its largest data centre in Madrid

Company news

MADRID | The new centre will operate as Telefónica’s cloud services base for Europe and will house platforms for customers in Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Czech Republic.

News in Europe

AfD, We Gotta Sink the Euro!

MADRID | By Luis Martí | AfD is in a destructive mood. They are not interested in salvaging what Europe has managed to build. Their objective is rather to pull down existing structures while looking to the past for inspiration, namely to national currencies.

Financial markets

Southern eurozone countries should follow Germany’s trail

By George Dorgan, financial consultant at SFC | Instead of complaining against the European Central Bank, peripheral countries of the eurozone should pay more attention at how Germany has succeed.

World economy

“The eurozone must find economic growth without State aid”

MADRID | By Tania Suárez | Director of financial analysis at Profim EAFI, Jose Maria Luna Morales, argues that austerity measures in the euro zone were “necessary” but adds that “some privileges of many public institutions can still be reduced”. He also notes that although “Europe still may suffer months of stagnation”, that does not imply “a long period of stagnation’” for the EZ as a whole.

Company news

Banco Santander turns page with Javier Marín as new CEO

MADRID | Santander’s asset management and private banking director Javier Marín Romano (Madrid, 1966) is now CEO of the Spanish bank.

Europe and the euro
News in Europe

The EU ideal and the euro

SOFIA | By Ivan Krastev | Amnesia, recession, the failure of political elites, divided societies… The free and caring Europe that was the dream of oppressed peoples no longer exists, it is just that European leaders lack the courage to admit it, says a Bulgarian political analyst.

Financial markets

Investors appetite for Spanish economy: will it last?

MADRID | By David Fernández | Foreign investors are showing a sudden interest in assets made in Spain due to, among others, central bank’s last data, Europe’s decision to delay the deficit commitment by two years and international factors such as second-round monetary helicopter launched by the Bank of Japan. Will this trend vanish?

Pedro Duque
News in Europe

“The European Space Agency has no money to invest in astronauts”

Spanish astronaut Pedro Duque: “I will probably have already retired by the time that is possible. I mean, of course I would like to do these things, but it is not possible.”

World economy

Spanish exports fiesta: 40% more companies selling their goods abroad

MADRID | By Juan de la Cruz Martín Rozas, Crédito y Caución | Spain contributes with 1.7% to the global exchange of goods trade, after Germany, France, Italy or the United Kingdom. However, the growth experienced by Spanish exports in recent years, including 2012, is the highest of the European economies. 

News in Europe

Slovenia can avoid an EU bailout

By Katja Mann | Des­pite severe fin­an­cial and eco­nomic prob­lems, Slov­e­nia can still avoid a bail-out – if investors stay confident.