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Investors appetite for Spanish economy: will it last?

Financial markets

MADRID | By David Fernández | Foreign investors are showing a sudden interest in assets made in Spain due to, among others, central bank’s last data, Europe’s decision to delay the deficit commitment by two years and international factors such as second-round monetary helicopter launched by the Bank of Japan. Will this trend vanish?

Pedro Duque
News in Europe

“The European Space Agency has no money to invest in astronauts”

Spanish astronaut Pedro Duque: “I will probably have already retired by the time that is possible. I mean, of course I would like to do these things, but it is not possible.”

World economy

Spanish exports fiesta: 40% more companies selling their goods abroad

MADRID | By Juan de la Cruz Martín Rozas, Crédito y Caución | Spain contributes with 1.7% to the global exchange of goods trade, after Germany, France, Italy or the United Kingdom. However, the growth experienced by Spanish exports in recent years, including 2012, is the highest of the European economies. 

News in Europe

Slovenia can avoid an EU bailout

By Katja Mann | Des­pite severe fin­an­cial and eco­nomic prob­lems, Slov­e­nia can still avoid a bail-out – if investors stay confident.

Company news

Three oil discoveries in Alaska for Repsol

Spain’s Repsol operates the discovering consortium with a 70% stake, in association with 70 & 48 LLC, a subsidiary of Armstrong Oil and Gas, (with 22.5%) and GMT Exploration Company (with 7.5%).

News in Europe

Italy in the twilight

ROME | Nadia Urbinati | The stalemate over the election of the President of the Republic, which broke on April 20 with the re-election of Giorgio Napolitano and the resignation of the leadership of the Democratic Party, is the highwater mark of the crisis in the Italian political system. To save that system, we must move ahead immediately with reforms, starting with electoral reform.

Spain economy

Spain’s savings banks will suffer a 35% cut until 2015

MADRID | Capital Madrid | The Spanish savings banks or cajas, unlisted entities often linked to the country’s regions, have come under intense scrutiny since the beginning of the crisis, as some became associated with the worst excesses of the banking sector. But they have already started a restructuring process: by 2015 they will be 35% smaller.

News in Europe

EU Business relocation, relocation, relocation

STRASBOURG | Over time, EU regions have become more sophisticated in trying to attract businesses. They amend their offers to reflect the wants of businesses, in order to obtain success.

Spain economy

Don’t kill the Spanish pension system: it’s one of the cheapest!

What is threatening the Spanish pension system, Francisco Martín Seco says, is not a longer life expectancy or the population pyramid but policies that drive the entire economy into a permanent recession, like reforms to make the tax system more regressive.

News in Europe

Serbia’s proof that the EU works

By Matt Shearman | This was an historic step for Serb-Kosovo relations, but in the wider terms of the EU accession debate, the agreement stands as a prelude to the difficult road ahead.