Today EU banks reach debt holdings all-time high
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New NSA leak: UK secretly agreed to US surveillance of British citizens

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LONDON | By  at The Guardian via Presseurop | British intelligence officials approved a US request to analyse and store the telephone, internet  and email records of UK nationals, including those not suspected of any criminal activity, according to new documents released by former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden.

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Do U.S. Negative Rates Call For a Permanent Expansion of the Government?

WASHINGTON | By Mike Konczal at the Rortybomb blog via The Next New Deal | Everyone has been talking about the recent Larry Summers speech on secular stagnation, written up with force by Paul Krugman here. Gavyn Davies, in his own nice coverage, noted that the Q&A had an interesting exchange about fiscal stimulus between Bernanke and Summers, so I decided to write that up.


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Spain Seeks Foreign Investment to Keep on Growing

MADRID | By The Corner Team | In order to ensure the consolidation of the recovery in the Spanish economy, all reforms and modifications should focus on boosting foreign investment in the country. After all, it has demonstrated to be a land of opportunities for smart investors.

Euro area at risk
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Euro area: Weak growth and low inflation put debt sustainability at risk

LONDON | By Barclays analysts | Although Q3 GDP data for euro area countries indicated growth for the second consecutive quarter, thereby confirming the end of the recession after six quarters of GDP contraction, it also showed the recovery to be subdued, uneven, and fragile.

Red-Green Alliance
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Sixth election defeat for Thorning — gains for Red-Green Alliance

COPENHAGUE | By Kim Faber, Tanja Parker Astrup and Jakob Sheikh at Politiken via Presseurop | With 29.5 per cent of the vote, the Social Democrats led by Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt avoided a long-predicted catastrophe in Danish local elections on November 19, reports Politiken.

Our Weekly Cartoon - Walls of hatred
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20% of Spanish Bank Branches Will Close Before 2015 (Roland Berger)

MADRID | The Corner Team via CapitalMadrid | Spanish banks will close 20% of their branches by 2015, compared to 10% which shut down in Germany and 5% in France, according to a Roland Berger report called ‘The future of the retail banking in Europe’.