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Nascent signs of lending recovery in Europe

In Europe

LONDON | By Barclays analysts | We announce the end of credit restrictions to the European banking thanks to the latest credit data, which went from -3% yoy to -2.8%. Our market strategist reaches the conclusion that we are seeing signs of lending recovery (see chart).

China banks monopoly
World economy

Do China’s big banks enjoy a monopoly?

BEIJING | By Yang Kaisheng via Caixin | A monopoly on either the buyer’s or seller’s side often means one or several enterprises relying on their strengths keep squeezing out or forcing the merger of small and medium-sized enterprises to gain unfair pricing power. It is often caused by a monopoly over resources or entry barriers that result from government intervention. In light of this, is it reasonable to say that China’s banking industry is monopolized?

consumer confidence
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Anemic FLS lending, but consumer confidence surges

LONDON | By Barclays analysts | Q1 data suggest that the refocusing of the FLS scheme toward SMEs’ funding has yet to deliver. Credit remains subdued for SMEs, despite an improvement in overall availability of and demand for credit for private non-financial corporations. Higher consumer confidence, coupled with improvements in the economic outlook, bodes well for household consumption in Q2.


A busy week ahead with eyes set on ECB

MADRID | By Jaime Santisteban | Stock markets ended May trading high: +3.1% in Spanish Ibex 35 and +2.1% in EuroStoxx. We start a busy week for markets with all eyes set on Thursday’s ECB rate announcement. “The central bank is a slave of its own words and cannot afford to disappoint,” some analysts are pointing out.


How Greek banks moved into a new era

ATHENS | By Manos Giakoumis via MacroPolis | The core Greek banks reported first quarter (Q1) results in the last three days of May. The release of the results was the last act in a series of important developments for the Greek banking market over the past two months. These developments constitute the third phase of the new era for Greek banks, which started two years ago. 

felipe king
In Europe

BREAKING: Prince Felipe to be the next King of Spain

MADRID | The Corner | After almost four decades on the throne, Spain’s King Juan Carlos will be stepping down, paving the way for his son, Felipe, and opening a new chapter in the country’s history. The 76-year-old monarch is considered a key actor in the transition from Franco’s dictatorship to democracy. In the recent years he has been suffering from health problems and lost public support due to his gaffes and the corruption scandal involving his daughter and son in law.