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Greece: The improving economy supports a government already in combative mode

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LONDON | By Fabrice Montagne at Barclays | Recent economic data suggest that Greece’s economy is improving. While this is not enough to change our current cautious growth forecasts, it does provide some support for the government as it enters a very difficult period, having assumed the EU presidency, and faces troika negotiations and domestic political opposition.

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Everyone Praises Reforms in Spain But What About Structural Problems?

MADRID | By Jaime Fernández Santisteban | After months at the centre of controversy, Spain is making headlines about recovery and everyone seems to be bullish on the country. Spain is almost back to pre-crisis levels, says IMF’s Lagarde. But is it? What has changed then? Marta Soria and Rebeca Gimeno are a couple of journalist-economists behind Economía en dos tardes, a blog bringing economy and business closer to people. They shared with The Corner TV their outlook for the year that is just beginning. 


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Obama’s ‘Promise Zones’ Have Potential if They Include Anchor Institutions

NEW YORK | By Joelle Gamble via Next New Deal | According to the White House, the five Promise Zones, which will be established in Los Angeles, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Kentucky, and Oklahoma will focus on replacing distressed housing, reducing crime rates, increasing student high school graduation prospects, and stimulating economic growth via tax incentives.

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Africa Must Industrialize Now

ERFURT (GERMANY) | By Solomon Appiah via The Fair Observer | The economies of sub-Saharan Africa have, since the late 1990s to 2013, been experiencing consistent economic expansion. Six of the world’s fastest growing economies are currently within this region. Whereas economic growth slumped for most of the world in recent years, sub-Saharan Africa’s growth has stayed resilient right through the global recession.

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The EU, the troika inquiry and the big disconnect

ATHENS|By Nick Malkoutzis at The Agora|After almost four years of monumental decisions being taken behind closed doors, without consultation and outside the legal framework of the European Union, the European Parliament is conducting an investigation into how the eurozone bailouts have been constructed and implemented. This will include visits to the countries affected as well as hearings with people involved with Troika decisions.


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“Indeed, the worst is over in Spain…but still”

BARCELONA | By Joan Tapia| The crisis and recovery start management in Spain could be clearly improved. As a consequence, the economic confidence index stands at a gloomy 30.8 in December but have increased by 41% regarding 2012’ same month, while political sentiment is even lower at 27.1 and continues falling.