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A too much strong euro for such a weak euro zone

MADRID | By Francisco López | The climbing of euro against U.S. dollar is increasingly worrying market strategists as it can affect negatively prices and loss of competitiviness in the euro zone. Conversely to the ECB, which has decided not to intervene exchange rate. “It is out of our mandate,” Draghi assured last Thursday, “unless it damages prices’ stability expectations or economy growth.”


Today’s Talk Of The Market in Spain

MADRID | By Jaime Santisteban | Amid the hot debate on when the banking union will be wrapped up, market makers are focusing on the main steps already taken: the ECB gets the decision-making power from the European Council and Germany tries to avoid that public money can be used in the transitional period. Link analysts don’t expect major fluctuations today, but they warn investors about some “red lights.” 



What’s the Deal: How to Make the Financial System Safer

WASHINGTON | Via The Next New Deal | Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal (@rorytomb) explains why banks need higher capital standards to prevent another collapse, how much could they fund themselves through equity and the challenges ahead the U.S. financial reform such as the Dodd Frank Act’s progress, inequality and CEO pay.


Today’s Talk Of The Market In Spain

MADRID | By Jaime Santisteban | “Take profits now,” is AFI’s analysts advice to investors. Market consensus recommends to avoid sovereign bonds and emerging economies while securities market might reach a turning point after steady rises.  Don’t miss significant moves taking place in the telecoms sector as Vodafone is reaching an agreement to buy ONO and Orange (which loses ground against Telefónica) has set its eyes on Jazztel. As for China, exports surprisingly slumped by 18 %, rising concerns. 

World economy

China: Eyes on the Prize

BEIJING | By Andy Xie via Caixin | Poor economic data in China will make the short-sighted howl, but policymakers know it is really a sign of rebalancing – and raising per capita incomes.


Today’s Talk Of The Market In Spain

MADRID | By Jaime Santisteban | Analysts favor Madrid’s new measure of overhauling loan refinancing rules for struggling companies, which will make it easier for those firms to arrange debt-for-equity swaps with their creditors. Also, the expected ECB’s non-move has been widely commented today, expectations cooled down. AFI experts believe the market is starting to assimilate the ECB will definitely seat on its hands unless unless inflation falls below 0.5% or recovery is threatened. Daimler’s amazing sales in China are also catching market makers’ attention today.