Today Lithuania’s central bank governor: “There’s no reason to doubt euro area future”
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Strong GDP figures could provide tonic for Spanish stocks

MADRID | By Sean Duffy | Wednesday was not a good day for Spanish banks on the IBEX 35. Santander and BBVA, the main Spanish lender counting both almost 25% of the index, fell by 3% and 3.7%, respectively. While positive GDP figures are expected for Thursday, it is events in Greece that may prove decisive once again.

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Are falling oil prices an opportunity for Asia?

SINGAPORE | By Lee Chia-Yi via Fair ObserverHow will the recent plunge in oil prices affect Asian countries?

In Europe

Striking a deal with Tsipras

MADRID | By JP Marin-Arrese | European governments are openly expressing dismay at the Greek election outcome. They have waited quite a long time to convey their congratulations wishes to Tsipras, the new elected Prime Minister. Berlin and Brussels stressed that debt restructuring was out of question while reminding him of  the need to keep pledges from former governments as a pre-condition for securing financial support. Yet, they should come to terms with him, the sooner the better, as a thoroughly deceived and frustrated European Council member can inflict damage to EU action. 


Falls to go on in Greek banks after Tsipras’ new government announcement

MADRID | By Sean Duffy | Investors are expecting continued falls in the value of Greek bank shares and indeed the value of the Athens stock exchange. That is due to the fact that the new Government of Alexis Tsipras appears to be on a collision course with the country’s creditors, something that may spook investors in the weeks ahead should agreement not be forthcoming.