Today EBA will not run stress tests in 2015
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Comments from Alexis Tsipras have sparked a row with Spain and Portugal.

The unedifying row between Alexis Tsipras and Mariano Rajoy

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MADRID | March 3, 2015 | By JP Marín-Arrese | Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has unwisely accused Spain and Portugal of intentionally trying to block a solution for his country’s troublesome discussions with the Euro group at a Syriza party meeting. The reaction has gone beyond any reasonable limit. The two targeted nations filed formal claims to the European Commission asking it to take action against Greece. One wonders why their Foreign Ministries did not warn of the utter ridicule such a step would precipitate. Worse still, the row between EU partners might leave longstanding scars. 

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Morning briefing: German and Spanish consumers showing confidence

The Corner | March 3, 2015 | Retail sales in Germany beat expectations in January: they rose by 5.3% instead of the forecast 3.0%, and up from the December’s upwardly revised 4.8% rise. Spanish and German consumers are seemingly much happier about the state of the economy.

Spanish shoppers remain confident about the economy
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Concerns voiced over ECB’s QE programme

The Corner | March 2, 2015 | Concerns about the impact that the ECB’s quantitative easing programme will have persist ahead of monthly purchase of €60 billion in sovereign bonds.

Euro zone sovereign bond purchases to .launch this month
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Europe´s locomotive moving along nicely

The Corner | March 2, 2015 | The engine of Europe’s economy outperformed expectations in 4Q2014, and that is good news for all the eurozone. Germany is increasingly depending on internal demand, which was the main contributor to the 1.6% GDP growth last year: 0.4 basis points.

German economic figures are showing encouraging signs
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“The ECB won the debt crisis war, but now it could lose the battle against inflation”

WASHINGTON | March 2, 2015 | By Pablo Pardo | Neil Irwin believes central bankers are the real heroes of the economic crisis that continues to bog down the eurozone. In his book ‘The alchemists’, the New York Times senior correspondent paints Ben Bernanke as a hero and ECB’s Jean-Claude Trichet, as one of the greatest villains.

Neil Irwin
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Morning briefing: China cuts rates

The Corner | March 2, 2015 | The weekend decision of the Chinese Central Bank to cut benchmark lending and deposit rates by 0.25% is geared towards staving off deflation in the country´s slowing economy.

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‘Mostly’ positive signs for Spanish economy

MADRID | March 1, 2015 | By  Sean Duffy | With positive figures being returned on a weekly basis from the Spanish Finance Ministry, Spain appears to have turned a corner in its quest for financial recovery. Yet while the figures are good news for policy makers, the lingering pall of high unemployment continues to cast a shadow over growth prospects.

Spain unemployment