Industrial Growth In A Post-Paris World

Kate Gordon via Caixin| It’s official: we’re in a time of energy transition. On April 22, Earth Day, the UN’s most recent climate deal – known as the Paris Agreement – will be formally signed in New York, ushering in a new era of country-led action to reduce carbon emissions.


Brazil & Petrobras: A Lot Of Oil, But Can Get It Out

EXANE BNP Paribas | A weakening demand environment, US shale’s c ontinued resilience and conventional supply benefiting from cost reductions have changed the picture for Petrobras and Brazil. Nevertheless, the pre-salt ranks among the lowest cost assets in the world.


Bank Bailouts Are Good Policy

Benjamin Cole via Historinhas | Probably bank and other financial institution bailouts, within context, are positive for the economy. Indeed, aggressive robustly financed bailouts should be conventional policy, while other regulations eschewed, as long as shareholders and convertible bondholders take the first, big and hard hit of any major financial institution failure.

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