Greek pensions: The unsolvable equation

Yiannis Mouzakis via MacroPolis | Last July the conditionality of Greece’s third programme included savings of 1 percent of GDP from pensions. It did not require any major fortune telling skills to anticipate that this would soon lead the government of Alexis Tsipras into an extremely tense situation.


Financial implications of economic uncertainty

BARCLAYS | There is growing concern about the strength of the business cycle in Europe and globally. China continues to surprise to the downside, while markets are beginning to assign a meaningful probability of a US recession later this year. Markets are now wondering whether Europe’s growth outlook will remain unscathed


What A Dreadful Outlook

Markets around the world are turning bearish. An understandable move as investors are confronted with dismal global growth prospects. Emerging countries face a rather gloomy outlook and even the most developed regions do not escape this uninspiring scenario. Europe’s recovery lags behind, as usual, while US growth loses momentum.

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