Post Volkswagen Scandal: What’s In The Price?

EXANE BNP Paribas| VW emissions scandal is another nail in the coffin for diesel. We see two likely impacts from it: stricter ‘real world’ testing standards from 2017 in Europe and damage to consumer sentiment on diesel.


Securitization Is Back!!! The EU Launchs The Capital Markets Union

The European Commission is trying to create a single market for capital across the continent to increase and diversify the funding sources for Europe’s business and long-term projects. In the EU, mid-sized companies received five times less money from capital markets than in the U.S.


Adjusting China’s Growth Path

Yukon Huang via Caixin| The prolonged slowdown in China’s economy has generated a fierce debate about whether the country needs a new “growth model.” All economies, however, are guided by the same growth model developed decades ago by Nobel Prize winner Robert Solow: growth of investment and labor along with productivity.

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