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In Greece, UnLuCky for some: Another painful lesson from the euro crisis

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ATHENS | By Yiannis Mouzakis via The AgoraNo matter what overall opinion you have of the Greeks, you really ought to hand it to us for tolerance. Over the last year and a half one of the three key players in Greece’s crisis management team has repeatedly and openly admitted that the prescription for addressing the country’s predicament was wrong.

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Spanish Socialists do financial outing to regain public trust

MADRID | By Fernando G. Urbaneja | Still digesting their historic-low European election results, the Spanish socialists (PSOE) are trying to recover people’s trust by publishing their accounting in a quarterly report. This is the least that we can ask from parties, trade unions, employers and any others living on the State and the taxpayers. Without passing any law, the PSOE –who lost millions of votes in the last general polls- is taking the lead amid corruption scandals affecting numerous Spanish public figures.

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EU recovery… from data to the real thing

BRUSSELS | By Alexandre Mato | The last Eurobarometer after the european elections showed that the EU’s image is improving among its citizens. 35% of them have a positive image of communitarian institutions. Austerity measures to fight the economic crisis or the unresolved unemployment problem have not erased this ‘popular feeling’. But more than 40% think that in a national or European level the economy will remain “the same” for the coming 12 months. Only 24% see an improvement.


Spanish Bankia’s good results irritate non rescued banks

MADRID | By Francisco López | For a few, Bankia has quickly accomplished the miracle of the loaves and fish thanks to a faultless management. For many others, the bank achieved to improve its results in the last two years “thanks to the King’s gunpowder” – an old Spanish idiom meaning one takes advantages of others’ resources but doesn’t value them –. Taxpayers paid €22.4bn, an amount far higher than the lender’s financial gap, which has given back a tiny amount so far. At least, it has overhauled its budget.

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Growth and inflation outlooks diverging

LONDON | By Antonio Garcia via Barclays | Stronger-than-expected July PMIs suggest that the growth outlook is likely to improve in Q3 and are consistent with our forecast of 0.4% q/q. EA public debt levels have reached a new peak in Q2 14 at 96.4% of GDP, with three of the four largest EA economies above the EA average. We now expect July HICP inflation (next week) to edge down to 0.4% y/y and August inflation to decline further, to 0.3% y/y.

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Why do foreign brands ‘Break Bad’ in China?

BEIJING | By Tang Jinghong via Caixin Multinationals like McDonald’s and KFC hop from one scandal to another in China, which says a lot about our problems handling food safety issues.


The (bonds) Hunger Games

MADRID | The Corner | In the next few days demand for Spanish bonds is expected to grow, since Spanish debt auctions will be held and European CPI data showing that prices remain very low will be released.